Thursday, May 5, 2016

The Mysterious Case of the Mysterious Case by John Press


     I received this from PublishNation for free for an honest review.

     Susan Queen rolls her wheelchair up to Homes the iPad using genius dog and declares him hers. This is the start of some fun and dangerous adventures. They join forces with Susan's best friends, Di and Robbie, as well as some "talking" pigeons and a kleptomaniac cat. All of them come together to solve the hideous crime against animals that is occurring in their town. Someone is torturing and killing animals while filming it and distributing DVDs of the crimes. These sleuths use some unorthodox methods to try to catch the guilty leading the reader on a hilarious journey.

     This is a good book for younger readers. A cute mystery with "talking" animals with high intelligence. The humor in the book was absolutely fabulous! I found myself laughing out loud quite frequently. I would recommend this book to a younger audience to thoroughly enjoy it. It's definitely worth a quick read.

     I rated this 3/5 stars.

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