Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Get Well Soon by Julie Halpern


 Anna Bloom is in high school, but she doesn't really attend. More and more she stays home and becomes depressed. She thinks about killing herself, but that's all, she just thinks. Her parents have decided that she would benefit from a stay in the "loony bin." Seriously, how could they do this? All she wants to do is just stay in her room and sing along to music. What's so wrong with that?
     As Anna stays in her new "home" she finds that she can make friends, crush on a "mental" cutie, and lose weight without trying which should make her mean doctor happy. She has found a place where she can be herself and be comfortable.

     I loved this!!! I knew I would enjoy this book because I love looks into mental institutions, but this hit the spot for me. I found myself really believing the story. An interview in the back of the book says that this is the author's real story, but I wish I knew what really happened and what she added about her stay in a mental institution. Anna's voice sounded just like a teenager. Her attitude, her choice of words, and her likes and dislikes brought a genuine feel to the story. As I read I felt like maybe I would have benefited from staying there with her as a teenager! Probably would still! Hahaha!

     I rated this 5/5 and highly recommend it.

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