Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Mother of Wolves by J. Aislynn d'Merricksson

     Kalla is a young mage that is sent to find a magister. Once she has found one that she is drawn to, they are attacked by fire-breathing wyvern which sets them on a journey to fight against evil.

     I am not fully familiar with this kind of genre, but I did fully enjoy it. Because I am not used to all the strange names and places it was a little confusing at times but not to the extent that I wanted to give up. I enjoyed reading about the bond between Kalla and Aleister (her magister). Once they set out on their journey across their world to fight evil, the story picks up pace. The reader is able to get a sense of what each place was like, and this was especially true at the end of the book. The very last place they visit drew me in with its voice of mythology. I would definitely like to continue the series as it is released to follow Kalla and Aleister's journeys.

     I rated this 4/5 stars and recommend it.

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