Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

     Camille Preaker is a reporter for Daily Post in Chicago and has just been released from a psych hospital. She has been out for six months when her boss sends her to her hometown to report on a murder of a young girl and another missing young girl. This is not a trip that Camille wants to take. She hasn't really been close to her mother or stepsister, and she has to plan to stay with them for the duration of this investigative report. Camille immediately drowns herself in her reporting all the while learning more about her family than she ever knew. The longer she stays the more she identifies with these two young, tragic girls. Why is that?

    This book is drenched in dark themes. I had this in mind when I started this book so I wasn't really surprised by all the happenings that occurred. We are seeing through Camille's eyes that are tainted with psychological problems herself, and as she learns more of her family we see why she is a troubled young woman. I did have suspicions of what was going on, but I was actually a little deceived which is what I think Gillian Flynn was going for with her writing. All in all, by the end everything that happens isn't too surprising. It was still a really good story, and I look forward to reading more books by Gillian Flynn.

    I rated this 4/5 stars, and I recommend it.


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