Monday, February 22, 2016

Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles

     Two teenagers from opposites sides of town in Chicago are stuck being chemistry partners at Fairfield High School. Brittany Ellis is head cheerleader, one half of the school's Golden Couple, and perfection in most people's eyes. Alex Fuentes is a gang member, a Mexican-American, and much smarter than most people know. Does chemistry class spark some reactions that aren't expected?

     I absolutely loved this book! I was drawn in by Brittany's real life, the one that is not so perfect and Alex's life that consists of a battle within himself about what he wants and what he has to do. The way the relationship starts with these two is very realistic, and Simone Elkeles has the reader cheering this couple. I did really enjoy how she pulled the story into a nice, little package at the end.

     I rated this 5/5 stars and highly recommend it.

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