Saturday, March 30, 2013

We're All Ugly...According to This Book

When I started to read this book I wasn't too impressed. By page 50 I wanted to stop, but I kept telling myself to push on through to at least page 100 and then make a decision. I'm glad that I pushed myself. I loved the middle of this book. I had to keep reading and reading because I just had to know what happened. By about the last 100 pages I started to feel like I wanted to stop reading again. I felt like the story got kind of predictable and cheesy at that point. Although I felt this way, I still had to read because I wanted to know how the book ended. Essentially, it ended the way I thought it would just different circumstances leading up to that ending. I do feel that Tally's character developed so much throughout the story--going from superficial to knowing what life is really about. I'm actually pretty excited to read the next book to see how Tally's character develops more or if she regresses. Overall, I thought this book really hit home with today's society's obsession with looking and acting perfect. This is a great dystopian book dealing with weaknesses or strengths of self-esteem.

Uglies (Uglies, #1)

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