Monday, February 3, 2014

A Bed for Fred by Lori Zoss

I absolutely loved this little book! A story of a growing pup who cannot find his bed. We follow along as he searches all day to find it. This book is written in a poetic way that I know that my son would fall in love with this book. With this being an ARC e-reader copy there were no pictures which makes me sad because I would love to know what the art would be like that went with this story. I rated this book 4/5 stars for the words and may have been 5/5 if there had been pictures.

I am excited to be able to edit this review. The pictures for this book were supposed to be included in this copy but technical error interfered. The publisher sent me a new copy that included the artwork.
This book is highly recommended by me! The words along with the artwork are fabulous! The artwork is so colorful and entertaining! I found myself  full of "aw!" and laughs as I re-read the story with the pictures. This is such a great book for little ones.
I now rate this book 5/5 stars for the beautiful word flow and artwork.

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