Sunday, February 2, 2014

Easy by Tammara Webber


     This is a book about a young man with a dark past and a young woman with a future on which she placed all of her faith. Lucas hadn't known Jacqueline, but he had watched her from a distance. Jacqueline didn't even know that Lucas truly existed until one night he saved her from a horrible incident. Now it seems as if she keeps running into him. Jacqueline can't get him out of her head. Lucas is the "bad boy" with the tattoos to go along with that stereotype. He is sexy in every way. He's good looking, has tattoos, is mysterious, and knows how to teach a girl how to defend herself. Jacqueline can't seem to keep herself away from the mystery of him. This book is full of angst and passion, and takes you through the journey of falling in love and lust.
     I fell in love with this book! I enjoyed the mystery that surrounded Lucas and the love/lust that Lucas and Jacqueline shared. This was a book that was written to emulate real life, which was a nice break from all the fantasy I have been reading. I thought this book was going to just be a love/lust book with not much else going on, but there was an adventure presented by the incidents that happened as well as deception. I was entertained through the whole length.
     I found out that there will be a second book, Breakable, being released May 6, 2014. You better believe that I have already pre-ordered it!
    I rated this book 5/5 stars and highly recommend it.


  1. So glad to see you posting again!

    I've had my eye on this book forever but now I really want to read it. I've never liked the guy on the cover though. lol


    1. Definitely give it a try! It sucked me in! Yeah, I agree about the guy on the cover. I would have picked someone else entirely! LOL!