Sunday, February 16, 2014

Secret Surrender by Priscilla West


     A beautiful continuation of Kristen and Vincent's story. Things are looking great for the "forbidden" couple. Kristen has allowed herself to succumb to Vincent's seduction. They go on a trip to Vincent's private island, and things have really heated up between the two. Is Kristen falling for Vincent? Is there a chance that she could have a relationship that could help erase the scars from the past? There is a secret on Vincent's phone that may bring all of Kristen's hopes to the ground.
     I loved this book just as much as the first! I had to stay up late at night just so I could finish it because I had to know what happened. I loved the development of the relationship between the two and the crazy surprise at the end. Priscilla West knows just how to write to keep you hanging on for the next book.
     I gave this 4/5 stars and recommend it.

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